Evidence B: Medical Information Assignment

Medical Information Assignment

  1. Topic I chose: Depression

Is there a difference in how many references come up if you search in these two different ways?

Search by subject: 69 titles, most more relevant

Search by key word: Depression brought up 256 hits but many were not relevant or referenced the Great Depression or economic/financial issues.

Write the complete bibliographic citation for the newest item listed for your topic. This may be a book or an audio visual item.

Integrated management of depression in the elderly” [electronic resource]. Chew-Graham, Carolyn. Cambridge University Press, 2008.

  1. Next go to the Database/Articles section of the home page. Use the Ebsco Health Source: Consumer Edition. Look up your topic.

How many references are listed? 4366 hits for depression

Qualify the search for full text only; how many references are now listed? 3108

Select one reference of interest to you and write the full bibliographic citation below.

“Supporting survivors of suicide loss.” Harvard Mental Health Letter 26.5 (2009): 4-5. Health Source – Consumer Edition. EBSCO. Web. 21 Nov. 2009.

  1. Next go to the Opposing Viewpoints (Gale) database. Is your topic listed on

the Popular Topics list?  Respond with yes or no.  No.

If yes, click on the link and briefly describe the resources you found.

If no, type in your topic in the basic search box and briefly describe the resources you found.

Essays and articles from magazines or academic journals on depression, treatment for depression and information on causes, news articles and university studies on depression, statistics, media clips and interviews and links to relevant websites like Depression and Bipolar support alliance.

  1. Go to the Search the Web section of the Library home page and select GOOGLE. Do a GOOGLE search for your topic. How many references appear?

Almost 16,000 hits. Many are medical websites but most are hospitals or drug companies.

Qualify your GOOGLE search to include only .org sites. (site:org subject) How many references appear? Write down one site of interest to you.

13,800 references appear. Ifred.org The International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression sponsored by the World Health Org.

  1. Using the Research by Subject section of the Library home page, click on Medicine. Does your topic appear on this list?


Click in the Consumer Health Information section of this page (at the top of the page) and select the Merck Manual of Medical Information – Home Edition (found under Diagnosis/Treatment). Search you topic in this source and write a brief description of the information found. If no information is found, indicate that as well.

There is over 1,000 references to depression on the website, many are very specific to post partum depression, or depression in children or men or bipolar disorder, etc. There are brief excerpts from their books about the topic. Some of the hits don’t seem as relevant (alcohol or drug abuse, hypochondriacs or lung disorders).

Extra Credit Opportunity (5 points)

Go to the WebMD.com site (under General Interest) and look up your topic. What information is available and how does it compare with the information you found on the other sections of the assignment?

Depression is actually listed on the front as a popular topic/ health condition. I clicked it and the site has a whole Depression Health Center page centered around the topic, with further links. There are also short media clips about the topic from the WebMD staff. But there are pop up ads and banners that try to sell you medicine, or unnecessary things. The discussion boards and blogs may be helpful and provide personal support for people dealing with depression though. It seems to add a more personal touch. A lot of the info is filtered down than the other sites or articles so it is easier to read and less clinical. The information seems still solid.